The "Fit Fuelosophy"

RX Fit Fuel's mission is to provide nutritious meals that support the body's biological needs and optimize its performance. Our approach is based on using natural ingredients from animal and plant sources, oils, and spices, as best as possible given our location and cost constraints. While we strive for sustainability and reliability in sourcing, we acknowledge that perfection is not always feasible. However, we aim for the majority of our food to be clean and nutritious, while leaving room for occasional indulgences.


We believe that food should taste good and not require excessive amounts of sugar or sauces to be enjoyable. Our culinary expertise allows us to make real food taste great, without compromising on its nutritional value. We understand that proper fueling should not mean deprivation and use our experience in nutrition and personal weight struggles to ensure that our meals are balanced and appropriate for optimal performance.


Our meals will be lower in carbohydrates compared to the Standard American Diet, with even our higher-carb meal plans containing less than 175 grams per day. Higher-carb diets are known to contribute to hormonal dysregulation and a multitude of other health issues.

Each meal will contain 6-10 oz of protein, with regular meal portions containing 6 oz and large meal portions containing 8-10 oz. Custom macro plans will vary depending on each individual's needs. At this time, we will not be offering vegetarian or vegan options.

While we are not able to guarantee gluten-free meals due to the risk of cross-contamination, our meals will always be gluten-friendly. Gluten is a common cause of many health issues, including skin problems, and is not included in our meals.  We are also not able to accommodate serious food allergies at the moment as we can not guarantee cross-contamination.  However Custom Macro Plans are created at different times than our standard plans, we have more control over these and can discuss case by case if we are able to accommodate your needs if you have a serious allergy or specific food aversion.